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Am I Living in Elsa’s World?

Here in the Northeast, winter is being a little crazier than normal. Sure it gets cold and we get snow, but we’re exceeding our “norms” and this is starting to be a weekly occurrence. Having just seen Frozen, I looked around my neighborhood and started to wonder-am I living in Elsa’s world?


Frozen seems to have taken on a life of its own. My Facebook feed is full of videos of those covering the song. You read and hear about it at every turn, and the merchandise-don’t even get me started. Prior to the release, I hadn’t heard too much about the premise of the movie. My visit to Disney in November made it clear that this movie may end up being the new favorite for kids.

Here is my high level overview of the movie (without giving anything away):

  1. The Singing: What kid doesn’t love a good movie you can sing along to? Although I felt it may be a bit of an overkill for the first half of the movie, there’s a part of me that argues that. The songs are catchy, fun and Disney always knows their audience.

  2. A lot Going On: The background of the story seemed to happen fast in the beginning of the movie. At times, it felt like too much information too fast. Of course this was overshadowed by everything balancing out as the movie went on and the songs.

  3. More Than Just a Movie: Yes I have seen the merchandise and the effect the movie has had on the youth of the world, but even if I hadn’t, I would know this movie was an “experience.” You can feel the vibe of it wanting to be a Broadway show, all the colors and characters perfect for new merchandise and the soundtrack already causing a Sing-A-Long rerelease of the movie in theaters.

My expectations for this movie were high due to all the hype. I will definitely watch this movie again (and again) and would love to look at it from a fresh pair of eyes. I liked the movie, but I think it will grow on me more over time.

Sista Dillo

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