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An Earful

130 feet tall and not really a water tower, the punny Earfell Tower was MGM’s true original landmark, trumping replica Chinese Theater and definitely not the Sorcerer’s hat. You could see it on your trip in from I-4 to World Drive long before The Tower of Tweeor made its ominous presence felt on the horizon. It was the button of every episode in the early seasons of the All New Mickey Mouse Club. It was a sign to all of us at home that things were really happening at the Park.

But I won’t shake my fist at its loss the way I might some of the Streetmosphere characters or Osborner Christmas lights. The park is nowhere near its original purpose anymore and hasn’t been for years. The removal of the tower is the official symbol of that.

Just remember that while it’s not good to live in the past, nostalgia is very real element of the Disney Parks. It’s a delicate line for the Diz to walk and serve all generations.

Brother Dillo

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