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Be Our Guest…But Not To This Event

True Story –

As a Public Relations major in college, I had to write a thesis (which was written for the company I currently work for) and create a mock event for the company I was researching. My idea was to hold a conference and golf tournament, in Disney World, complete with specialized details for the company. Park tickets would also be offered at a discount to family members of those attending the conference. My professor did not approve of this idea. She said business conferences were not common in Disney and those that would go, would not bring their families.

Less than 1 year later I was assisting with events for my previous employer in Disney, that would be held on property. I’ve been with my current company for over 5 years, and know of at least 5 conferences that have taken place in Disney World, 3 of which I have attended. Although there have not been golf tournaments included, many stay after the conference to play against each other. Did I mention they also bring their families and receive discount ticket prices?

There are so many events that take place everyday in Disney World. Having attended them and helped create them, I have to ask as a guest, does it interfere with the magic?

I was in Disney last weekend for one day. I did not go into the parks, but went to a few of the hotels and Downtown Disney. It was incredibly crowded. We were told there were a lot of events going on in the area, shutting down a few of the roads right off of property and of course increasing the number of guests. I wanted a pre-dinner snack of a No Way Jose at Beaches and Cream. When I got there the Security Guard said they were not accepting anyone in the lot that did not have a reservation or were staying at the resort. This was apparently due to the crowds. We then drove around to the “overflow” lot across from the Boardwalk Resort. That lot was also full and no one was offering any other options. The Beach Club and Boardwalk have dining locations that do not require a reservation, so how was I supposed to get to one? Knowing my way around, I found a way; but it still got me thinking.

Now I will say, this was less than a week out of the horrible tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Part of me believed that a lot of these overflow situations had more to do with security measures, which I would totally understand.

I have been in Disney when there are numerous conferences, sporting competitions or even a wedding shutting down the Magic Kingdom. I’m used to these types of events and normally do not question them. But for a family that has traveled a long way for their first trip and if they are kept out of areas that they could be otherwise experiencing, are holding events worth it?

I would love to hear back from our blog and twitter followers to see if events in Disney have affected you.

Sista Dillo

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