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Bird is the Word

When I visited WDW in January 2011, part of my weekend was spent eyeballing the 40th Anniversary merchandise. With one of my Christmas gift cards, I purchased a retro looking zip up, with racing stripes down the arms and a combination 40th anniversary & old school Walt Disney World. It has now replaced my college hoody as my outdoor wear of choice.

The retro appearance appealed to me as it tapped into what I remember about WDW as a kid. I’m not one for getting all cranky that Disney has gone corporate and lost some of that hometown nostalgic family appeal. The heart and soul of The Diz has never changed. We all have to adapt to the times that change.

When it was announced on April 17th that the Orange Bird was returning to the Magic Kingdom, my first thought was ‘who’…? Then, I read this link…

And then I saw the pic of the orange bird sippy cup and had flashbacks like the end of ‘The Usual Suspects’. I absolutely love when WDW goes back to their roots. It melds the generations.

Brother Dillo

p.s. After reading the article at the above link, I think Dreamfinder needs to be added to my WDW Classic Theme Park: (too lazy to hyperlink!)

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