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Bring on the Rain

We’ve had some crazy rain here in the northeast lately. This rain makes me rethink my commute, how I can avoid getting soaked on my way into work, what route to take, etc. Yet, when I’m in Disney, I’ll walk around World Showcase in the rain (possibly kicking and screaming in my younger days).

This begs the question-why is rain in Disney different than rain anywhere else?

I’ve walked around with ponchos, had them rip and replace them with an umbrella to see the Osborne Family Holiday Lights. After walking around the Food and Wine Festival, the skies have opened up and covered everyone. I’ve ducked into Pinnichos, Stargate and The Land to grab some grub and wait until the rain “let up a little.” Most of the rain in Disney is usually in the afternoon and doesn’t last very long. Although recently I’ve heard Orlando has also been hit with some all day storms.

Regardless of where I am in Disney or how long it takes the rain to let up, it never keeps me indoors for too long. It doesn’t have me change my route and if I get soaked, who cares?

I think my earlier question was rhetorical because I don’t really want to know why the rain in Disney is different from anywhere else. It’s one of those magical unanswered questions that have various answers – and I love it.

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