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“Come On, Everybody! Here we Gooooooooo!”

Of the sixteen Disney Animated Classic Films that pre-date 1960, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is my favorite. ‘Pinocchio’ is a close second. That’s not to say that I’m not a fan of anything with a princess in it. That’s also not to lessen the worth of ‘Peter Pan’, which I always think I like more than I do, if only because I LOVE ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’…

It’s been a long, long time since I have been on the Fantasyland attraction. The popularity has seemed to multiply by thousands in the new millenium, mostly because of parents, all in my age demographic, who not only loved the film but loved the ride as I did, bringing their children in tow. The line has grown astronomical. I’m not complaining about the line, only observing the enormous growth of this family favorite – particularly when we used to walk right on the ride numerous times! I could be wrong on this and could have just been really lucky as kid with the lack of queue.

There is something about this Peter Pan’s Flight that manages to perfectly capture the childhood imagination more than any other attraction in WDW (that’s right – I said more than any other – you can fight me if you want!). Did I like pirate ships when I was younger? No. Did it delight me to board a pirate ship off the moving platform? Of course! To this day I feel the reason Pirates of the Caribbean is not may favorite attraction is based solely on the fact that I do not board a pirate ship.

To flee from your own bedroom window and fly over the rooftops of your city with the claming notes of ‘You Can Fly’ scoring your flight. To explore an island of mermaids and pirates (is this why I became addicted to ‘LOST’?). To see good triumph and evil balance steadily on the jaws of a crocodile. What childhood dreams are made of…

Oh, who am I kidding – adults too.

Brother Dillo

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