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Crystal (Palace) Clear

You may be dying to say to me, “Frank, I mean Brother Dillo, I listened to your totally awesome and fun Theme Park Thursday edition on The Improviser’s Guide, available on Apple Podcasts, today and I totally loved it and can’t wait for next week – BUUUUUUUT….

The Crystal Palace?


That’s right, Breakfast with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore was on my favorites list of new Walt Disney World experiences during our most recent sojourn.


I didn’t elaborate too too much about the time spent there but here’s the short list of why The Crystal Palace ruled a mighty appetite.

1) The Crystal Palace is Timeless… or is it not updated? Hard to say. This much I know, I walked inside and it could have been 1985, 1993, 2006 – doesn’t matter. The Crystal Palace feels like it has never changed, is in no need of change, and I LOVE it.

2) The Hundred Acre Win… you can’t go wrong with the foursome of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. That’s a win for any child. Bonus points for Piglet who, when I was younger, was a rarity to see out and about or at all.

3) The Quality of Food… is high. Much like the Happily Ever After Dessert Party (more soon), it’s pretty clear that this character dining experience benefits by the personnel and availability of clearly superior kitchen appliances. Besides Ohana, the only breakfast where seconds were a must. And I could have kept going.

4) It Was the First Day… now we’ll talk about the nostalgic variable. This was the initial morning of our trip and, if you can’t do Ohana, I think this was the strongest place to start. Classic Magic Kingdom. A cold, quiet walk up Main Street to get there. Could have been December 1988 for all I knew.

There will be a return Crystal Palace trip for us again someday, to be certain. Tweet us your favorite elements of The Crystal Palace Dining Experience @DillosDiz.

Brother Dillo

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