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Dreaming of a VIP Soap Experience

If you listened to our latest episode of Theme Park Thursday, you know that I absolutely loved Super Soap Weekend held at MGM (yes MGM).

While working in Epcot, Disney decided to do a contest where they would pick a few Cast Members to switch jobs for a day. Luckily it was extended to Operating Participants, like myself. The one job I reeeeeeeeally wanted was to work in Guest Relations at MGM, specifically VIP Tours, during Super Soap Weekend! In this role, I would be assigned to a Soap actor/actresses and guide them from place to place throughout the event. Sounds awesome right? I was really excited to throw my name in the hat!

And then…..I didn’t get it <cue womp womp music>.

I know this post is a bit anticlimactic but hey, at least I went for it, right? I still loved being able to attend the event, get a few photo ops, listen to Q&A and immerse myself in Disney and Soaps.

Oh, and that larger than life Steve Burton (aka Jason Morgan) poster that hung in 3 of my homes? Here it is!


-Sister Dillo

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