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Finding Nemo…the Snowstorm?

As I sit here in cold, snowy New York, waiting for a not-so-colorful Nemo, I am wanting to be back on a Disney cruise more than ever.

I do expect to write up a complete review of my experience on the Disney Wonder, but let’s consider this a teaser.

The snow from Nemo has started. It’s supposed to be a blizzard, with dangerous windy conditions. This does not sound like the Nemo I know. The Nemo I know is cute, colorful and trying to discover his way in the Big Blue World.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that the TV selection is not the best. And why should it be? You’re not in the room long, you’re in the middle of no where most of the time, why would or why should you even be watching TV? But see…this is where Disney, knowing how much of their clientele is children, took it up a notch. I mention children, and I know all of this was geared towards them, but let’s face it, I’m on a Disney Cruise: I’m part child.

Disney Cruise Line had the best lineup of TV options I have seen and these were my favs:

  1. A channel for Disney Classic movies: think Bambi, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

  2. A channel for Disney Classic cartoons: what are Pluto and those crazy chipmunks up to now?

  3. A channel for Pixar movies: among the winners were Toy Story (1, 2 and 3!), Wall-E, UP and here is where we found Nemo

Of course being part of Disney you could find ABC, ESPN, The Disney Channel, and more.

It is not recommended to spend so much time in your room while you’re cruising around the Bahamas, but for the times you are, wouldn’t you want to feel like you were at home?

Sista Dillo

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