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Frank’s Top Ten Today!

On the Season 1, Episode 15 edition of Theme Park Thursday, we talked about some rules that may need to be made with regards to ranking every Walt Disney World attraction. This led to making the decision to blog our own Top 10 favorite attractions.

Here’s mine… always subject to change…My Top Ten Favorite WDW Attractions Today!

Just missing the cut: Expedition Everest, Toy Story Mania, Star Tours, Spaceship Earth, Kilimanjaro Safari

Not Applicable: Flight of Passage

10. Thunder Mountain: I thought this would be ranked in the Top 6, but fell to 10 when all was said and done. I actually really love waiting in line for this ride. Might be my favorite queue. Thunder is most likely the attraction to fluctuate up and down this list.

9. It’s a Small World: The first of the ‘classic’ attractions. It’s a Dillos family favorite, sure, and the history of the ride holds great weight in this – perhaps polarizing – decision.

8. Slinky Dog Dash: this snuck on to the list. I’ve only been on once and it’s the ride I look most forward to riding again (adding ‘again’ due to FOP). The coaster exceeded my expectations in a way I had not anticipated.

7. Haunted Mansion: the attraction that has gained the most traction the past ten years, enhanced by visiting Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris five years ago. Ongoing appreciation for a complete experience start to finish.

6. MuppetVision 3D: for 26 years, THE ‘must do’. The most quotable attraction in all four parks.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: on Theme Park Thursday, I said the bridge between this attraction and Haunted Mansion has narrowed. The CHANGEs over the years (mainly the movie character additions) haven’t made me frown, but it’s lost some of that I-Don’t-Know-What.

4. Peoplemover: if you’re a Walt Disney World lover, and find yourself just staring admirably at your surroundings… then the Peoplemover is everything!

3. Space Mountain: Whooooooo! Probably my favorite ride (just not my favorite attraction).

2. Tower of Terror: one night working late for parade rehearsals, we got to be test patients on the first update to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (1 1/2? FACT CHECK!!!). I fell in love with the ride on that night and, though it’s been sometime since I’ve partaken, it’s still near and dear to my heart.

1. Splash Mountain: perhaps it opened at the perfect time in my life, but this attraction is in my opinion the perfect blend of all attractions: dark ride, thrill ride, classic Disney.

Surely, this will spark some spirited debate on next week’s Theme Park Thursday!

I await the judgements and the verdicts! Comment below or tweet me!

Brother Dillo

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