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Hakuna Ma-3-D-a

Growing up, Disney created a nice rhythm of balancing their film releases each year with a newbie and a classic. I particularly remember this based on what the McDonalds Happy Meal was.

This was my first thought after seeing ‘The Lion King’ in 3-D on Opening Night September 16th. Why can’t we see a classic Disney re-release, even if it’s in the two week limited format this one and the ‘Toy Story Double Feature’ from a couple of years back. I could mildly complain that it’s ‘Beauty & The Beast’s’ 20th Anniversary (a film musical that blew my mind immediately preceding my involvement in theatre), but overall, I just want there to be these kind of releases every year.

I could also complain about the amount of children in the movie theatre at 10pm, many of which missed ‘Circle of Life’ (why bother seeing it if you do) but I won’t. What that told me is that parents want their children to experience what they did on the big screen, more so than the many ways they can bring the movies out of the vault, slap another ‘Edition’ on the cover, and add a couple of more features on a fifth or sixth disc.

They want to be part of the world (pun intended). They want adventure in the great wide somewhere.

As for the 3-D… this didn’t bother me the way unnecessary action movies in 3-D do, or the way ‘Titanic’ will, or definitely the way the ‘Star Wars’ films will (unless of course Lucas three-dimensionalizes the original releases). Seeing ‘Lion King’ remembered just how great it really was – the animation, the songs, the amazing Hans Zimmer instrumentals… I hope it continues because the cave of wonders on a magic carpet in 3-D would be pretty awesome.

Coming Soon – how awesome a character Rafiki is in Walt Disney World…

Brother Dillo

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