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Interacting with Characters

I love looking back at my Disney home movies at the interaction we had with Disney characters. When I visit Disney now, there are always long lines for a child to take a picture with their favorite character. I’m not saying I never had to wait on a line, but it was a lot easier back then. Disney wasn’t as crowded, there were more character breakfasts offered and Epcot had the (Character Caravan).

Each visit we would wait for the caravan to arrive in World Showcase, dance with the characters, take pictures and our day would be complete! I’m not sure if this would work as well now with all the guests Disney has visiting, but if ever asked, I would definitely vote to bring the caravan back!

Everyone visiting Disney for the first time should be able to meet their favorite character, just like in the commercials.

*If I can just add a sidenote to this-the new commercials for “make your memories today” get me every time. These commercials for me are definitely the new Kleenex commercials! Props to Disney for this idea – memories are what its all about!

I recently came across the video included in this blog. You’ll need to get through a few seconds of the spotty VHS filming by my dad before coming across my meeting with Minnie. Of course not my first, but you would never know it by the look on my face. To be cheesy for a second, moments like that is what lives inside of me and that same feeling, that same look on that little girl’s face is present whenever I’m on Disney property.

Sista Dillo

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