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Is Everything Grand?

Everything is great. Everything is grand. I have the whole wide world in the palm of my hand – ‘The Muppets’

We should have seen this coming.

The Osborne Lights went away.

And Streets of America was demo’d.

But then, Pizza Planet became PizzeRizzo and there was hope for the area around MuppetVision to remain in tact.

Until the hot air balloon and sign came down to display… the Grand Arts Theatre?

During the week of 8/14/17, it was announced that the Muppets Courtyard would go the way of Anubis, Oz and Gangster Alley. In its stead? Wait for it. Grand Ave is on its way to Disney Hollywood Studios this Fall.

Grand Ave will reflect the present day LA. This sounds… Universal. Rumors abound that the shops, pubs and what not that will occupy the area will just serve as a (immensely long) queue for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

This does not give me hope for the longevity of MuppetVision.

Diz can’t give it the heave ho yet. They need the Attraction to couple with Star Tours on that side of the park. And the park can’t afford yet another loss before 2019.

I wish they could have found a way to build a new theater on Sunset Blvd and created a Muppets area leading up to Tower of Terror and Rock & Roller Coaster at the end of the block. But I know it’s unrealistic cost wise to rebuild for a 25 year old Attraction, so we should embrace our time with Sweetums, Bean Bunny and Sam Eagle while we can.

I’m giving it until 2019.

-Brother Dillo

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