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ITALIA, parte tre


We go to EPCOT. We go to the World Showcase. We drink around the world. We love the Food & Wine. We love the environments. We love the BGM. We love the nostalgia.

But, I think I speak to a lot of us when I say – ‘I think there could be more’.

Ride space in Germany? Oh, it’s available.

Ride space in Japan? Oh, it’s available.

Ride space in Italy? Oh, it was scheduled – and later bumped – in Phase 2.

Never mind when Venezuela, Spain, the State of Israel, Equatorial Africa were scheduled to join the World Showcase as additions. I’m sure you’ve seen the designs for the proposed Switzerland and Russia. We want to see expansion on the countries we love, just the same way we want to see our children grow.

Basically, I’m saying, some countries are now 30 and still living at home. Which I may or may not have some prior relation to.

The expansion of Italy, it is said, was to have a dark gondola ride (fitting in with the exterior visual being so Venetian) and then a walk through of Roman ruins – like unto the Flavian Amplitheatre (aka The Colosseum) as pictured above (the inside) and below (the outside).


My first question is, would the walk through of the Roman ruins include the smell of Roman burning, imported in from Spaceship Earth? I just read on a message board that if you go to the hardware section of Wal-Mart and smell a new plunger, you can experience this in your own neighborhood. I may or may not have prior relation to this.

There’s no denying that this addition would make the Italian Pavilion more fully rounded. Architecturally, it’s one of the best. The shopping is cool. The entertainment is fun. Admittedly, I have not dined in Via Napoli, a victime of my  disenchantment by L’Alfredo’s replacement.  But, an attraction in Italy would be cool because… Well, it’s Italy. It deserves all the richness that comes with it, del tutto.

Imagine a walk like the one down Via dei Fori Imperiali (pictured below).


Brother Dillo

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