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Let’s Get Musical: LK 94 vs LK 09

A week late and a dollar short… on Episode 42 of Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz, I said on a live microphone that I would write a blog matching up the musical numbers of 1994’s animated spectacular The Lion King and July 2019’s expressionless live-in-cgi remake.


Circle of Life

Nothing will ever match the initial feeling had sitting in a theater watching the sun come up on a Summer day 25 years ago. My expectations for the 2019 were low and I enjoyed it – but that feeling was missing.

WINNER: 1994

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

During the original, this young Simba number brought 19 year old me back down from the high of the opener. And, compared to what followed, seemed out of place. All things considered vocally, I prefer the Elton John version over both the animated and the 2019 – but I enjoyed the cinematic changes made in the update.

WINNER: 2019

Be Prepared

When the 2019 version started, I got excited. It felt, new yet different. I thought this was a lead in to what we know and love about the original. Then I thought maybe it can’t be sung only to be proven wrong for a split second. Can I get a fact-check if this is what got Jeremy Irons his Spaceship Earth narration gig?

WINNER: 1994

Hakuna Matata

Early 1990’s on Broadway was the rapid rise of Nathan Lane. ‘Guys & Dolls’ was a launching pad into super stardom. And there were at least two occasions where Ernie Sabella was by his side on stage. To this day, Nathan Lane’s place in comedy history is severely underrated and undervalued.


I really enjoyed Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen’s performances… I don’t know what the answer is.

NO WINNER (which makes it both)

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

On the heels of Hakuna Matata, I found myself looking forward to the love song. Stupid high expectations.

WINNER: 1994



No ‘This Land’ track in 2019.

WINNER: 1994


Though both were great, both winners.

‘Remember Who You Are’ appearance of Mufasa...

WINNER: 2019

Timon’s Hula

WINNER: 2019

OVERALL WINNER: 1994, not even a question.

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