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Meeting Mickey Mouse

When I first saw Talking Mickey in some YouTube home videos, I’ll admit I was skeptical.

Dillos don’t love change.

Having met non-verbal Mickey so long ago, it was hard to imagine that verbal Mickey would be seen as normal. Then again for kids today, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (a daily occurrence in my house), Mickey himself is living in a whole new world from when I watched him.

I’ve discussed in previous posts how sad I am that meeting characters is such a production now. There are 500 minute waits for Elsa and Anna, yet I used to dance with Chip ‘n Dale!

I digress.

If you want to meet talking Mickey Mouse, visit Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom. I was there in November and went during a parade so my wait time was about 10 minutes (which was good since again, I don’t love a long wait for a character). Once in the room with Mickey, I was already thinking “ok this is cooler than I thought.”  Mickey walks up to your family to greet them, says Hello, takes the hands of the kids and interacts with them. For those few minutes, a visit with Mickey is one on one, away from theme park madness and creating a memory.

Mickey Mouse…talking in Magic Kingdom…without anyone pushing their way in front of you – Nicely done Disney. I don’t love change, but this one is pretty good.

I’ll be taking Baby Dillo back when he’s older and I can’t wait to see what he has to say about what Mickey had to ‘say.’

And now a look back to one of my visits with Minnie…

Sista Dillo

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