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More Blogs in 2015!


We only had 8 blogs in 2014.

Not even double digits.

What kind of bloggers does that make us?

The kind that learn from their poor performing years and come back better than ever! We promise way more blogs in 2015!

At the end of 2014, I brought Baby Dillo to Diz for the first time…and yet didn’t write about it. Brother Dillo rang in 2015 in Diz and there was a wheelchair involved-and no blogs! As you can see, we have lots of catch up to do! This is along with our day to day opinions, views and thoughts on new happenings going on in the World of Diz.

So to sum up: 2014 wasn’t our best. 2015 will be better. Stay Tuned!

Sista Dillo

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