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My EPCOT at 30

First of all – shame on us – no blogs in September… Must have been sad that summer was over…

One year ago today, I gave you 40 of my favorites in honor of WDW’s 40th Birthday… And now, as a follow up, a little EPCOT 30 for 30 – Thirty of my favorite things since I first visited the theme park formerly known as EPCOT Center (that of course being Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) way back in 1985:

1) The Old School Main Entrance Medley playing as you step off your monorail trip around Future World. 2) Walter Cronkite narrating Spaceship Earth, “Behold the majesty of the Sistine Ceiling”. 3) How the dinosaur sequence in Universe of Energy would smell like a barbecue. 4) SMRT-1 in Communicore East 5) That beaver guiding you to building a roller coaster in Communicore East 6) The Centorium in Communicore East (I LOVED Communicore East) 7) Stargate Restaurant in Communicore East (tied with Pinocchio’s Village Haus for favorite theme park burger joint not named Beaches & Cream) 8) The Fountain of Nations dancing to the theme from ‘The Rocketeer’ 9) Horizons – enough said 10) The traffic jam sequence from World of Motion (runner-up: the train robbery sequence) 11) The Test Track barrier test 12) Turtle Talk with Crush 13) The Italian Beverly  at Ice Station Cool – it reminds me so much of bronchial medicine I took as child (one that was eventually outlawed) it makes me cry. 14) The Garden Grill in EPCOT 15) Soarin’ – tranquility at it’s finest 16) Dreamfinder/Figment meet and greets 17) The original, never to be duplicated, Journey Into Imagination 18) The Jumping Fountains 19) An El Rio de Tempo & San Angel Inn combo 20) Maelstrom in Norway (w/ optional nap at the film following it) 21) Standing in the center of Italy’s plaza followed by dinner at L’Originale Alfredo 22) Mitsukoshi in Japan – I always want to buy so much here. The day that that I find a shamisen will be very dangerous. 23) Chocolate eclairs and coffee in France 24) Street Theatre in the United Kingdom 25) Body Wars 26) Bit, your host, at each World Key Post 27) Food & Wine Festival 28) Drinking around the world 29) The original Illuminations 30) The purple lighting in Future World at night – the best (although the Magic Kingdom & MGM’s Hollywood Boulevard at night are near and dear to my heart).

Brother Dillo

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