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My Menken Music

Did you listen to Dillo’s Diz most recent episode of Theme Park Thursday on The Improviser’s Guide Podcast? No?

Now, at the end of that episode I said I would write a support blog for this episode.

Here within, Brother Dillo’s fave pieces from Menken-Disney soundtracks:

  1. The Little Mermaid – ‘Kiss the Girl’. There’s a triumvirate of greatness here with ‘Part of Your World’ & ‘Under the Sea’. What I like most about ‘Kiss the Girl’ is the build. Sure, ‘Part of Your World’ builds – it’s an ‘I Want’ song, and ‘Under the Sea’ is the showstopper, but ‘Kiss the Girl’ feels like the perfect blend of those two.

  2. Beauty & the Beast – ‘Prologue’. The toughest of all decisions to make. I love ‘Belle (Reprise)’ so much (‘I WANT adventure…’), and I love ‘Belle’ just below that. But the music underneath the words of David Ogden Stiers narration is everything I love – the darkness and the light.

  3. Aladdin – ‘Prince Ali’. I have experienced The Genie dancing hundreds (maybe over a thousand) of dances to ‘Friend Like Me’ in MGM’s now defunct Soundstage Restaurant, but ‘Prince Ali’ – for its theme to Aladdin’s Royal Caravan at the Studios to the dream that this was style of song I would be able to sing is the winner.

  4. Pocahontas – ‘Just Around the River Bend’ . Always preferred this to ‘Colors of the Wind’…

  5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – ‘Hellfire’. I think this is the greatest thing ever. Frollo nails it. End of story.

  6. Hercules – I talked about ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ in our episode and its throwback to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, but I was in a lot of ‘Zero to Hero’ Victory Parades – so I’m calling this one a tie.

  7. Tangled… n/a due to one time viewing.

  8. Newsies – ‘Santa Fe’. It’s true. I thought this was a song I could belt.

  9. Enchanted – ‘That’s How You Know’. Tremendous number in what is still a very, very underrated film. I would still want to see a live number play out in a Disney park.

What are your thoughts? Comment below or Tweet at us @DillosDiz!

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