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Phasma Foreshadowing

The Dillos did something at the start of 2018 that they had not done this entire decade. They experienced a WDW vacation together. Stay tuned for ALL the updates forthcoming.

When Disney’s Hollywood Studios was Disney-MGM Studios (who are we kidding, it’s still MGM, #AlwaysMGM), I was a cast member when Star Wars Weekends was launched. The dream was to be able to get myself into stormtrooper gear (it’s not a spoiler that human lifeforms are underneath stormtrooper gear, right). Alas, this was a but a fleeting dream for a variety of reasons.

We spent an evening and a morning at the Studios during our week long sojourn and I saw the former Imperial now First Order troops… A LOT. Patrolling the Star Wars Launch Bay during the Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party (future blogs and more forthcoming), patrolling the Animation Courtyard by day (much like the Toy Story Green Army Men did twenty years ago). And, of course, falling in line behind Captain Phasma up and down Hollywood Boulevard multiple times a day during the March of the First Order.

I could make an argument – if I wanted to – that this march is the single greatest ‘happening’ in any of the four WDW theme parks right now.


Because I’m a Star Wars nerd? No.


Because this is a glimpse of the future.

First and foremost, I will say this march is the most focused ‘parade’ on property. This is what lures you in. This is a dedicated march. It never detracts from the norm. Never seen a Stormtrooper go into business for themselves (one Green Army Man in a 1996 Toy Story Parade may have struggled with this from time to time).

“Really, Brother Dillo… it’s just a march.”

I am aware. The music with the visual. It’s a homerun. Like that video (or is it a meme – I don’t know) of Darth Vader hitting a shot in the domed stadium…

I digress.

Bottom line is, Captain Phasma’s awesomely led march is a precursor to what 2019 will be when guests from far and wide get to experience the planet Batuu at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Add in the incoming Star Wars themed resort/immersive experience.

As much as they are the villains, the March of the First Order gives you hope.

…until you experience that five hour Millennium Falcon Ride wait time.

Brother Dillo

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