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Previously… on Discovery Island…

We never went to Discovery Island before it closed – didn’t want to cut into Kingdom-EPCOT-MGM time. It took us awhile to even spend a day at a Disney water park. The zoological preserve in the middle of Bay Lake lost it’s function with the emergence of Animal Kingdom. Plus, to me, it may seem like a good idea to look at some animals, but I don’t know what to do after 30 minutes.

A couple of years ago I joked that Tom Sawyer’s Island in the Magic Kingdom should be converted into the island from TV’s ‘LOST’. I just don’t think that would have fit the Frontierland theme. But…Discovery Island…Discovery Island would have been perfect for a day long excursion, with numbers scratched in hatches, Hurley birds, radio towers, and orientation films to watch. Sounds of the smoke monster in the distance. Guests freaking out when it starts to rain (always an ominous sign). Statues of Mickey Mouse filled with a controlled substance for sale in the souvenir shop (this blog just went inappropriate). It’s almost sad they never pulled it off.

If you don’t think it would have played, google Shane Perez from WESH-TV in Orlando. A couple of years ago, he snuck over there and snapped a bunch of pictures. They’re pretty ‘LOST’ worthy…


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