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Publicly No Longer Working

This no blogging for 5 months thing really needs to stop!

We at DillosDiz are long time admirers of the Citizens of Hollywood, aka Streetmosphere, aka Streetmo, aka the reason why Brother Dillo became an interactive theater performer:

Earlier this year, Disney took a machete to their live entertainment budget and hacked into Streetmo. Some say it’s because of Shanghai. Some say it’s because of the the Studios’ expansion into ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Toy Story’ lands. Either way, a great portion of what provided that Disney impression upon entering Studios, and what makes their parks so different from any other themes attraction in the world, has now been diminished. The old time Hollywood Boulevard just past the turnstiles (oops, no more turnstiles) now inhabits fewer citizens.

The big blow to the guests of the Studios is the elimination of the Hollywood Public Works. Perhaps the most identifiable in all of Streetmosphere, this trio of (assumed) union workers drove their truck into comedy gold multiple times a day for a quarter of a century. In the style of The Three Stooges or any other vaudevillian combo you can think of, their work was a lesson, not only in comedy, but in timing & rhythm.

I’ve been lucky to get to know some of the performers who donned the overalls over the years (two of whom appear in the video below). It’s sad to know that their legacy will no longer live on.

The only question I can feasibly ask now that the truck has been parked is —- who’s going to check the water?!?!

Brother Dillo

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