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Put On Your Sunday Clothes When You Feel Down and Out….

A fairytale of two from different worlds. Started off rocky, but their love prevailed.

The first time I saw ‘Wall-E’ was in the theater and I was instantly hooked due to the use of ‘Hello Dolly’ music and later, clips from the movie. I know we have talked about ‘Wall-E’ before, as both Dillos are big fans. Last night I watched it again after not seeing the full movie for some time.

What kept running through my mind was that feeling of Disney Magic. Something else I have talked about a lot is the feeling I get from different Disney experiences. Live shows like ‘The Magic, The Memories and You’ and ‘Wishes,’ the smells of hotels and the parks. It’s that same feeling I get from watching those projections and fireworks that I get when watching Wall-E. With little dialogue for most of the movie, especially between Wall-E and Eve (Eeeeeev-a); the music, the looks between the two and the colorful background make you understand it all. A picture can tell 1,000 words and that’s exactly what this movie does.

The development of Wall-E as a per….robot and the development of Wall-E and Eve’s love set the stage for the development of earth being recreated. The movie has a strong message about how the world is seen, what we are doing to the planet and ourselves. But in the end…it can all be fixed.

“That it only took a moment To be loved a whole life long!”


Sista Dillo

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