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Riff Raff…Street Rat…Cause I Didn’t Buy That

Have you been to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party?

Snow falling on Main Street. Christmas music playing. A special Christmas Wishes. Why wouldn’t you attend such a party? Perhaps because you don’t want to spend the money…at least this year. Just be warned that if you don’t, you may end up feeling a little bit like riff raff.

There I was with my family, enjoying Dole Whip and waiting for Wishes. Oh wait…they don’t do Wishes for the regular folk on party night. This made me sad since this was the only night of my trip I could have seen one of my favorite things. Since it was getting close to 7PM, we had to start making our way towards the exit. We didn’t have the special bracelets in order to stay (since we didn’t purchase tix to the party) and couldn’t upgrade even if we wanted to since they were sold out.

We started our walk out of the park in one lane of Main Street, with those entering the park in the other, just as the snow started falling and the music started playing.

Oooo maybe we can take a photo pass picture since the castle is all lit up! Nope. We can’t. Photo Pass Castmembers are not taking pictures at that time since they are assisting clearing the riff raff out of the park.

I’m always sad anytime I leave Magic Kingdom, but only because I hate leaving Disney in general. This time I was sad because I felt like I wasn’t welcome…sorta.

Let me say-I’m half joking about all of this and not actually complaining. I get the upgrade/perks of the Christmas Party. I get making it a special experience for those that paid extra. I get making sure no one is enjoying a free ride. Whether or not DIsney actually needs that extra money is another story. But – in no way were the Castmembers mean or did anything they weren’t supposed to. I was just sad and bitter having to leave.

And now for some humor: Here is an awkward Dillo Family Photo from way back when at the Very Merry Christmas Party:


Sista Dillo

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