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Scent of The Diz


Waxing poetic at a ridiculous rate about Walt Disney World usually means you’ve crossed over to a discussion of your five senses while on vacation. The deeper our senses are enhanced the more nostalgic power we gain, after all. What you smell at The Diz entrenches itself so deeply, it can make your head snap on a random city street when a similar scent strikes. 

I am sitting with my first scented candle from hoping to experience passing through the lobby of the Beach Club Resort on an August Day in 1991.

My air conditioning isn’t cold enough! And Art Lark isn’t greeting my postman and landlord at the door!

(Art retired in 2009 and WAS the entrance to the Beach Club. His last day of work was about 12 days before I was there for my 35th birthday (the free admission year). I was sad not to see him there.)

That’s my only real problems at the moment.

The candle offers the great power of suggestion. And the post-burning wafts are particularly pleasurable…

I’m a 39 year old man blogging about a candle.

Walter&Rosie also have a Facebook Page, so LIKE them here! They offer a multitude of scents, though the park related ones are what grab my focus. The Main Street Confectionery, Soarin’ (hoping for a Horizons kick), and Wilderness Lodge candles I find of particular interest. I raise my eyebrow at the Polynesian offering, hoping for a more specific 1985 Great Ceremonial House – then I wonder if most of my sense memories revolve around chlorine.

I know ‘Started with a Mouse’ may be similar, the one scent I would love to see is Main Street Popcorn from the vendor as you walk under the west side tunnel of the Walt Disney World Railroad (yes, that specific). A runner-up would be a misty morning at a Walt Disney World Resort (not as general as it sounds).

Expect a litany of blogs in August. I’m off to London & Paris for the first time. Going to spend part of one day at Disneyland Paris (I must!). Expect some of the World Showcase comparison blogs like unto the ones in Italy last summer.

Brother Dillo

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