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Spectacularly Galacting Desserts

On the Thursday 2/22/18 episode of The Improviser’s Guide Podcast, we compared the Happily Ever After dessert party at WDW’s Magic Kingdom with the Hollywood (#AlwaysMGM) Studios’ Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party. This blog covers the latter. Sister Dillo will post the former. Please note that this happened in January 2018 and not a long time ago in a yada yada yada.

In totality, we spent 75 minutes at the dessert party. We did this one, to maximize the time there and, two, because we had a late reservation at Jiko and needed to consume and digest the delicious offerings early.

I love me some Animation Courtyard. I spent many a shift in the Summer of ’96 watching Sorcery in the Sky from that location. Checking in outside the Star Wars Launch Bay and looking out behind me brought back fond memories.

Whether it was good timing or the norm, entering the Launch Bay and right into a Stormtrooper Meet & Greet blasted me into the full experience. Having worked at the Studios when Star Wars Weekends began, I still see how special it is to get this opportunity – even if it has more frequency.

The food and drink set up was between Rey’s speeder and the staircase to the BB-8 meet and greet. The freeze-fried truffle was the greatest recommendation by more than one cast member and it did not disappoint. The additional treats were standard fare, some themed (it’s light blue!), some boy and that was okay. The open bar was definitely helpful as two fancy named margaritas felt like you were getting some bang for the buck (ass opposed to the MK HEA Dessert Party).

All three queued meet and greets were available; Chewbacca, BB-8, & Kylo Ren. Due to time, we opted for the latter two. As mentioned in the podcast, I cannot race enough about the Kyle Ren meet and greet. It’s so well done. PS if you have a Disney Visa card, make mention, and you’ll be you’re own special experience.

About 35 minutes prior to show you are escorted to the ‘nose’ of Hollywood Boulevard/Chinese Theater (look that one up if you don’t know). You get a little Movie Magic projection pre show. If you miss the finale of The Great Movie Ride, this is an adequate replacement.

Oh, did I mention the free swag? FREE SWAG! The Captain Phasma mug!!!

The Star Wars portion of the Spectacular was everything it should be. Great moments, great soundtrack, very little prequels. As good as Happily Ever After? Nooooooo. But, a great ending to a day at the Studios in line with Sorcery in the Sky and the Osborne Lights… sorry, Fantasmic! You don’t make the cut – another argument for another blog or podcast episode.

Brother Dillo

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