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The Force is Strong With This One

When I was six (way back in 1981), and on my first trip to The Diz…

1) I lost the ticket that had to be attached to your body. 2) I dropped my hat from the courtyard in front of Cinderella Castle to the sidewalk below (back when you could stand there) 3) I threw a penny in the fountain behind the castle – the one where if you line it up just right you can snap a picture with a crown on her head – and wished for ‘all the Star Wars Men’ to be there.

I’m sure I wanted Princess Leia there, but at the the time there were only two movies and outside of Aunt Beru, I think I just lumped her in with the “men”.

I was six.

By the end of the decade, my dreams became reality with the opening of Star Tours at the Disney-MGM (I won’t ever say Hollywood) Studios. Over six years and one puberty removed from the original trilogy, this was a great re-connect to the franchise (and some of the souvenirs to add to my disheveled toy collection that  sits in my parents attic crawl space to this day). And yet, despite, a underwhelming prequel trilogy that would produce a blog inappropriate for this page, I find myself looking forward to riding the Star Tours reboot and ALL its options (snowstorms on Hoth – okay!).

Star Tours Weekends begins the 20th – my ride(s) probably won’t come to much, much later.

Brother Dillo

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