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The Leader of the Club

Though I did not watch, one of the highlights of this season’s edition of ‘The Voice’ was the awkward MMC reunion of Christina Aguilera & Tony Lucca. She claimed not to remember him but at the very least she should have remembered that he dated the girl who would become Felicity, Keri Russell….

This blog is not about that.

In fact, the term MMC doesn’t even register for me. Sure that era of the New Mickey Mouse Club spawned not only Christina, Keri, and Tony but also Britney, Justin, and Ryan Gosling (…Ryan Gosling….?!!!??? That’s Crazy, Stupid). Lucca in fact bridged the gap to the New Mickey Mouse Club I remember, the one that debuted in 1989.

My life centered around two things, baseball and trying to grab information about WDW between Diz trips. ‘Dateline Disney’ segments following Disney Channel programs were money in the bank to me. When the New Mickey Mouse Club debuted in ’89, the show became a spy camera into WDW. Filmed on the soundstages at the Disney-MGM Studios (if you know the blog, you know I still call it by its current name), location shoots were aplenty with their skits, audience participation squawk boxes, and MTV style music videos.

What I didn’t realize was how much the 5 time a week program would impact my life. One, my crush on Tiffini would get me through my teenage years. Two, this show started tapping into the performer portion of my brain. And while I could never sing, never dance, never be able to pull off late 80’s fashion, I can still say – two decades later – that i can pull off the Damon & Chase split.

Did my fandom get a little out of control? Sure?

Did I have high school friends tape episodes for me under a cloak of secrecy so that I could research how these kids could do what they do rather than do a Physics lab? Sure (ironically the Physics extra help session was called the Mickey Mouse Club).

Do I have four of the CD’s by The Party? I do.

Hey, you never know where the ‘inspa’ (inspiration) will come from.

See ya real soon.


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