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The World ShowDrink

I’m jonesing for a little drinking around the world on this hot summer day. How about you?

Remember when your parents dragged you around the two mile stretch of the World Showcase Lagoon because they thought you might learn something? And it was in that 4 o’clock monsooning Florida rain?

Was that just us?

There have been multitudes of guests who tagged the World Showcase as ‘BOR-ING’ at a young age, only to have it now be their favorite place to go as an adult.


Because Over 21 = Drinking Around the World!

Here within are Brother Dillo’s favorite places to drink in EPCOT.

(again, this is alcoholic beverages, otherwise Club Cool would be on this list)

1) Mexico – margaritas. Simple yet effective.

2) United Kingdom – the pub makes the man (or woman).

3) Germany – ja! ja! ja!

4) Japan – Sake!

5) Italia (I’m getting fancy now) – Wine

6) France – see #5

7) Canada – cold beer on a hot day

8) Norway – I don’t think I have had a drink here, but the many times I have passed out during the post-Maelstrom film makes me think I have.

9) The American Adventure – only because I can get these things at home.

10 – tie) Morocco & China… I don’t think I have had a drink at either.

Back to the drawing board.

Where do you like to get you EPCOT drink on? Comment below!

And stay hydrated.

– Brother Dillo

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