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Tomorrow’s Blog: ’1992Mania’

If you listened to the most recent edition of Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz, one of the Dillos (NO SPOILERS) found themselves surprised. Needless to say, the next couple of episodes will be focused on how much of Walt Disney World can be conquered in a minimal amount of time.

One thing is for sure… this will not be the time for the Dillos to have a go at the Parkeology Challenge. We are BIG fans of the all-attractions-in-one-day craze that some of the biggest Disney fans are attempting but, we suspect we won’t see the ever present light of the Animal Kingdom the first weekend of November.

This led me to ponder, what would be something the Dillos would do that could be in the spirit of Parkeology, but not the Parkeology Challenge?

Enter ‘1992Mania’.

The ‘Mania’ due to my penchant for professional wrestling.

When we were doing Theme Park Thursday on The Improviser’s Guide Podcast earlier this year Mr. Snydillo (with Mrs. Dillo) was a guest, giving us the what for after the shocking twist that was us not liking the Animal Kingdom too much. Mr. Snydillo then implied that we two of Dillo’s Diz like nothing that was introduced to Walt Disney World after 1992.

This is not a true statement, of course (though not confirmed by Fact Checker Mel Dale). Tower of Terror, the Boardwalk, the March of the First Order… all introduced after 1992!!! Those are just a few examples.

And… Summit. Plummet.

Do I think we will attempt ‘1992Mania’ in two weeks time? I know not. But it is something that will be up for discussion on the 10/25 edition of Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz! For now, enjoy our growing list of attractions from 1992 and earlier – let us know what we’re missing or inaccurate on!

1992Mania by @DillosDiz It’s a Small World Peter Pan’s Flight Carousel Dumbo WDW Railroad Jungle Cruise Pirates of the Caribbean Haunted Mansion Thunder Mountain Splash Mountain Space Mountain Tomorrowland Speedway Spaceship Earth Listen to the Land Star Tours MuppetVision 3D Tom Sawyer Raft Riverboat Main Street Trolley/Fire Engine/Omnibus Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Carousel of Progress Hall of Presidents Country Bear Jamboree Enchanted Tiki Room O Canada Impressions de France American Adventure Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Voyage of the Little Mermaid
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