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Tomorrow’s Blog: Early Picks for Late October

If you listened to the most recent episode of the Theme Park Thursday podcast, it was revealed that one of us purchased a plane ticket to Orlando for a weekend in late October… 2020. #NoSpoilers for who bought the ticket but, let it be known, this trip actually coming to fruition in 4 months sits uncomfortably at about 17.5%.

That being said, the planning inside the mind has begun. This blog shares some early favorites for making the where-to-go/what-to-do list, and is based on the following assumptions:

1. One of the 4 main Walt Disney World parks will not be visited.

2. A Walt Disney World Resort reservation will not be made.

3. Visiting Restaurants/Bars/Shops that have never been visited or trying longtime favorites for the first time by the one of us who has that plane ticket.

Of course, ALL of these choices are based on the current state of affairs (no current WDW reservation – no current AP) and can change as soon as Disney wants to flip that switch.

Here within, 5 picks…

1. Drinking a Lapu Lapu: a Kona Cafe or Ohana reservation would be required to get a whiff of the Polynesian lobby, but a pre or post meal rum treat at Tambu Lounge would need to be part of this mix.

2. Morimoto’s/Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’: two Disney Springs restaurants on the Must-Do list since they opened – two Disney Springs restaurants yet to be tried. Looking for a potential daily double here – one for apps, one for the meal… unless swayed otherwise.

3. Boma – The elusive part of the Animal Kingdom Lodge trifecta of deliciousness, along with Sanaa & Jiko. This might be a cut if buffet’s go the way of the dodo.

4. Abracadabar – this might be a giveaway as to who has the plane ticket, since the other has blogged about their time here previously. This is a catalyst to a night on the Boardwalk and a visit to Jellyrolls to visit Scotty Kilwein…. which I guess means a reservation at Flyin’ Fish? ESPN for wings? Big River?

5. Trail’s End – an excuse to visit the Bay Lake side of Fort Wilderness for the first time in a hundred years and enjoy some Fried Chicken.

Would love to hear thoughts/suggestions/additions. None of these, much like this entire trip, are currently set in stone! Specific menu items are also welcome, even if they’re in Dillo favorite locations.

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