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Tomorrow’s Blog: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Has Ruined Me…

For the past six weeks, my reflection on experiencing Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge on its opening day at Walt Disney World has borderline consumed me. I haven’t been able to not think about my visit when time allowed. It flipped a switch in my brain, or some portal to my childhood, that I have still yet to process. And, maybe it’s because it’s my birthday month, that aging thing may be the cause of all this. But the fact of the matter is…

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has Ruined Me.

Here’s how:

1) it has ruined any future trip to Walt Disney World.

In the spring, Papa Dillo and I were visiting Major League Baseball training facilities and we centralized ourselves in Orlando – which of course provides the excuse to visit some WDW sights. No parks, but a fun visit to Disney Springs and a combo night at Kona Cafe/Trader Sam’s left me saying, “it would be fun to do a weekend catching up on the Disney Springs restaurants I haven’t tried.”

Impossible now thanks to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

2) it has ruined any day by day planning at Walt Disney World.

I tend to do short trips. On occasion, just a day-of trip. Gone is the notion of ‘we have one day – let’s just do Food & Wine’

Nope! I gotta go to #AlwaysMGM.

Thanks Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Oh, and how am I ever going to justify going to Animal Kingdom when Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge exists…

3) it has ruined the way I think about the future of #AlwaysMGM.

On Theme Park Thursday, you will often hear me give my opinion on how to repurpose the odds and ends of the park in support of retaining the park’s actual name, Disney’s Hollywood Studios ( ::cough:: #AlwaysMGM). But, now all I’m thinking about is Galaxy’s Edge expansion. And, no, I’m not talking about the Galactic Starcruiser that I’ll never be able to afford. I’m talking about the expansion of food options, the expansion of interactive (and non up sell) experiences, The Rise of the Resistance – even though I said I’m most looking forward to Tron of all the attractions not yet open.

4) I’m ruined because I have not yet done it all at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and I WANT to do it all.

I haven’t been the gunner on Smuggler’s Run yet. I haven’t been to Savi’s. I don’t necessarily want to build a droid but I wouldn’t mind standing next to someone who does.

My biggest takeaway from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is that, in my eyes, this has been a greater accomplishment than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yes, even though the attendance has been unexpected. Is Wizarding World amazingly spectacular in its own right? Sure is. It takes you into a world you already know and love. Escapism are it’s finest.

Landing on the planet Batuu accomplished something Wizarding World could not. It created a world from scratch and still made me feel like I was part of a quintessential Star Wars experience. Yes, my emotional investment in Star Wars infinitely exceeds Harry Potter, but I could have easily said, ‘Aw man I wish this was just Mos Eisley Spaceport.’

At no point did that thought cross my mind.

So now, going forward, my approach to visiting Walt Disney World has been ::air-quote:: ruined by Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

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