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Tomorrow’s Blog: The Best of Drunk Stormtrooper / @WDWjedimaster

On this week’s episode of Theme Park Thursday w/ @DillosDiz (which you can listen to HERE!), our Halloween special featured us as some iconic figures in the Walt Disney World and #DisTwitter universe, Stacey & Drunk Stormtrooper.

Frank even posted the ‘DST’ Halloween dance video from the epsiode (which you can watch HERE!)

But, what’s the backstory? When did the @DillosDiz bond with he that is known by the Twitter handle, @wdwjedimaster, begin?

We’ll tell you… we don’t know!

Here within, the best of our friend Drunk Stormtrooper on Twitter over the past year!

Happy #FF my friends!!! I’m not gonna put names. Just know I appreciate you all! @FrankMCardillo How dare you! #WaltDisneyWorld #DrunkStormtrooper🕺🍻 #LordVader is pissed! #StarWars #ItsHollywoodStudios #AnimalKingdomRules — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) November 3, 2018

@FrankMCardillo here to turn the #POLL above into a Two-For-Thursday… Who are you more excited to see meet for the 1st time (someday)- @jenillo and @jolisami??????? OR ME (ME!) & @WDWjedimaster????????#LederhosenWatch2019 — Dillo's Diz (@DillosDiz) April 11, 2019

A video for my #Bromance @FrankMCardillo!!! Love ya buddy! Hey @jenillo toot sound???? @DillosDiz #HollywoodStudios🎬 #WaltDisneyWorld 🏰🌐🎬🌳 — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) May 14, 2019

Who’s up for a walk on #TheBoardwalk? Better quit playing around @FrankMCardillo!! @TheCreutz @glassj3n @jolisami @DillosDiz @MorningMonorail #WaltDisneyWorld 🏰🌐🎬🌳 #DrunkStormtrooper 🕺🍻 — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) June 6, 2019

A walk for 2 of my besties!! @FrankMCardillo @jenillo @DillosDiz #WDW #CrocsNoSocks #CargoShorts — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) June 20, 2019

I am @FrankMCardillo!!! Ive been embarrassed by all the ridiculousness videos I’ve made. It’s time it tell the #TRUTH!!! #StuartSmalley #TheRealDrunkStormtrooper🕺🍻 — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) October 11, 2019

I guess I can only dream @FrankMCardillo is walking with me??? #TheBoardwalk #WaltDisneyWorld 🏰🌐🎬🌳@DillosDiz @jenillo — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) October 15, 2019

Guess what today is??? It’s @FrankMCardillo Birthday 🎂!!! Let’s all wish him a #HappyBirthday 🎁 Comment, like, and retweet to show the love ❤️!!! #ForeverOld #WeLoveYaBuddy #WaltDisneyWorld 🏰🌐🎬🌳 #StarWars💫 #LordVader @DillosDiz @jenillo @MorningMonorail — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) October 29, 2019

I was on #ThemeParkThursday with @DillosDiz today??? Oh wait, that’s just @FrankMCardillo sounding exactly like me!!! Have a listen everyone!!! #Halloween🎃👻 #WaltDisneyWorld 🏰🌐🎬🌳 — Drunk Stormtrooper🕺🍻 (@WDWjedimaster) October 31, 2019

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