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Unique Epcot Mornings

Meant to post this in October….but here we are….


Fun Fact: Me and Epcot have the same birth year. Buuuuut I’m much more excited for Epcot’s 35th than I was for mine.

For two years I worked with a Disney Business Partner. While in this position, I helped in the planning and execution of events and the majority of them took place in Epcot. Like most guests, event spaces in the theme parks were never something I thought about while visiting. However, there are very cool spots to host events tucked away in the theme parks. So if you have a company and you’re looking for a unique location-be sure to check it out!

The Dillos love many things about Disney and of course have often talked about Disney nights, a deluxe resort bed and the almighty Disney breeze. But Disney mornings, before the crowds build up, with the morning dew and watered down pavement….there’s something just as magical about that.

I loved getting to walk around the countries or Future World before the park even opened. Leading Business Guests into these tucked away locations was probably way cooler for me than them, since I was internally geeking out. Although those were long days on my feet, it was definitely worth the unique experience.

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