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What’s Better Than The GMR?

In case you missed it, the voices of the Dillo siblings were heard for the first time ever on ‘The Improviser’s Guide Podcast’ saluting The Great Movie Ride (which is closing 8/13/17).

I’m taking myself to task for stating towards the end of this episode that GMR (maybe) cracks the Top 20 WDW Dillo’s Favorite Attractions. I didn’t think before I said it and it made me wonder what Attractions are ahead of it.

Here within, that list, with a few qualifiers:

A) this is All Time, childhood to ::coughs:: forty something

B) this is all inclusive, meaning water parks too

C) this is always subject to change and is in no particular order

1-3: The Triple Mountain Whammy (Splash, Space, & Thunder)

4: Peoplemover

5: The Original Journey Into Imagination

6: Horizons

7: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

8: Summit Plummet

9: Tower of Terror

10: Muppetvision 3, nay, 4D

11: Star Tours

12: WDW Monorail

13: WDW Railroad

14: Spaceship Earth

15: Tomorrowland Speedway

16: Peter Pan’s Flight

17: Pirates of the Caribbean

18: It’s a Small World

19: Carousel of Progress

Listing only 19 as GMR would make 20. Please take a moment to flip out over my not listing Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Soarin’, Test Track, or anything in Animal Kingdom.

If I was to try to put these Attractions in order, it’s likely The Great Movie Ride is in the mid-teens. However, if it held up the high standard that was so present in those first 5-7 years of opening, it may very well have cracked the Top 10.

Brother Dillo

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