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Who Needs An Alarm When You Have A Friendly Horn? Even on a Birthday!

Sometimes waking up due to sounds outside can be upsetting, especially on vacation. But for some reason, sleeping in a Disney bed (my fav) at the Beach Club and waking up to the Friendship horn was never a bother.

Yesterday marked 17 years of the Boardwalk Resort opening in Walt Disney World. Once the Dillos graduated from Monorail hotels over to Epcot Resorts, we stayed most often at the Beach Club. In the early days, you could swing on the beach with a direct view to MGM Studios, more specifically The Chinese Theater. This was also the same time you could eat in Beaches and Cream and see pictures of all the celebs that had visited (think Regis and Andrea Zuckerman).

When I first heard about the Boardwalk going up, I was sad. As you know by now, Dillos don’t like change. This would take away our view of MGM, add another hotel to an area we had just become comfortable with and added another stop on the Friendship boat! Who knew back then that I’d be just as sad that the name MGM Studios was being changed to Hollywood Studios…but I’m getting off track.

17 Years later (which started much earlier than this) the Boardwalk has become another resort I enjoy resting my head at night…or during a nap…and am happy to wake up to the sounds of the Friendship boats making their extra stop! Happy Birthday Boardwalk!


View above is from the Boardwalk Resort

Sista Dillo

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