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You Took Him to Disney? Well, That Was a Waste of Money.

The title of this blog is most certainly not my point of view. However, it is what a fellow passenger said to me on my return flight in November, after taking (at that time) 5 month old Baby Dillo to Diz for the first time.

I can understand why people think this way. I also understand New Yorkers and how they love sharing their opinions randomly with 

others. But again, I don’t agree. I didn’t bring Baby Dillo to Disney thinking he would remember the trip. I didn’t take him there to try to get him on as many rides as possible. My expectations were pretty simple: My husband and I were in withdrawal after not visiting for a year. We wanted to experience Food and Wine, see the Osborne Family Christmas Lights and go on the People Mover. All my expectations were met.

I was also worried traveling. We’re first time parents, traveling on a plane with a 5 month old. This could have gone horribly. However <and not to brag>  but this kid has the travel bug and a love for Disney in his blood! There was no crying on the plane. There were no fits while in the parks. He event slept through the night in his own Disney bed! All this trip did was make us want to go back asap!

Yes, to some, bringing a 5 month old to Disney may be a waste of money. For those with Disney in their blood, the sooner the better! Pictures were taken, memories were made and we’ll have the story to tell him when he gets older!

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