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Unexpected Disney Nights

In July of 2022, I (Jen) and my family spent 4 glorious nights at the Polynesian. It was a gift for my 40th from Mama and Papa Dillo and I would like to go back immediately.

On our last night, there was no rain in the forecast (a first during our trip) and we thought we could finally do something on our Polynesian bucket list. We wanted to swim in the pool while watching the fireworks.

After spending a magical day at #alwaysmgm, we raced back to the hotel, changed into our bathing suits and headed towards the pool. As we got closer, we could see that no one was swimming and cast members were standing at the gates.

The pool was closed. Lightning was in the area and rain was on the way. Now what do we do?

We decided to go to the beach, see if the fireworks would happen and watch as much as possible. We sat on the sand, the kids started building a sand castle and the entirety of Enchanted played in Magic Kingdom. We got to see it all, in the rain, covered in sand.

Although this was not the night we planned and didn't get to hang in the pool during fireworks, it ended up being even better. The kids didn't care about the rain and would've stayed longer if we let them. By the time the fireworks were over, it was pouring and we ran back to our room hysterically laughing.

On our last night an amazing, unexpected memory was made.

You can make plans for your Disney trip and go on tons of rides, but sometimes the best memories are made when you least expect it.

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