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Viva la FRANCE


Last week, following my two week, first time visit to Europe, Sista Dillo requested via the Twitter for a comparison between Italia and the World Showcase’s Italy. What resulted was a three part series, part one of which you can read here. My first part of call, however, was in France.

Needless to say, the comparison to EPCOT’s will be more of a contrast.

We were in Cannes, that of the International Film Festival and the Palm d’o,r on the southern coast of France, You could smell the glitzy French Riviera, Monte Carlo, Monaco — all of the glitz — in the seaside air.


EPCOT”s France is one of my favorites (right there with Mexico, Japan, UK, and occasionally Italy). As an 11 year old, I busted through my first ‘Cast Members Only’ door to see if the Eiffel Tower was really attached to the top of the pavilion. I guess I thought there was some kind of conspiracy and it was actually free standing. I don’t know. Needless to say, I got caught and played the ‘I went the wrong way’ card.

And while I have enjoyed both of the sit down restaurants, Monsieur Paul (Bistro de Paris) and Les Chefs de France, over the years, a longtime Dillos Must Do was the Boulangerie Pâtisserie. In the 80’s the chocolate eclairs were so good, we used to bring them back as souvenirs for family friends. Now, its nice just to have a pastry and some coffee whether it’s morning or if it’s night… Doesn’t matter.

Sadly, I did not get to enjoy a local eclair and coffee to compare, as my stomach decided not to accomodate the jet lag/time difference. I did keep my open to comparisons to the architecture, like that on Le Petite Rue towards the back of EPCOT’s pavilion. The cafe that we stopped at for a respite was as close as I got.

:le sigh::


Brother Dillo

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