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28 Hours of Diz – Hours 8 & 9: Food & Wine


If you thought I couldn’t stretch out 28 hours of The Diz into two weeks worth of blogs… well you would be sadly mistaken.

The International Food & Wine Festival in EPCOT came about when those of my generation grew up talking about how they could improve the great time they had drinking around the world… Is that true? Probably not. But it’s also not out of the realm of possibility.

Here’s what we hit on our trip – turn right when facing The American Adventure and the World Showcase Lagoon and follow along.

HAWAII: The pork slider is amazing. It was the second time for me. Just as good as the first time. Try the gewurztraminer with it for added flavor.

DESSERTS & CHAMPAGNE: The idea of Frozen S’mores froze us in our tracks. Once you run out of graham cracker crunch you lose interest.

REFRESHMENT PORT: The Dole pineapple fritters were a nice change of pace. The fried shrimp though was quite the excellent. Good size. Good amount. Just good.

CANADA: The filet mignon bites and the Moosehead – oh baby!

NEW ZEALAND: The lamb meatball had come highly recommended in the past and was a favorite of mine last time I visited. Something was off on this night. I couldn’t quite place it.

FLORIDA LOCAL: The Key Lime White Wine was different. The Cigar City Belgium was quite good, especially if you’re a Blue Moon fan.

POLAND: The kielbasa and pierogie was very good… I could have used a few more pieces of the kielbasa, though.

Our final two stops gave us our surprise of the night and our disappointment of our night:

SINGAPORE: The mahi mahi was excellent. Here in NYC, I would never eat fish out of anything that didn’t have a kitchen that I wasn’t completely removed from. The flavoring made a delightful buy.

MEXICO: We closed with the Mango-Habanero margarita, as I am a big fan of…habanero. I was a sad that a spicy kick did not conclude our journey around the world.

The Food & Wine Festival is such a great thing for EPCOT. I haven’t seen it so busy in the World Showcase since there was the Millennium Parade (and even then, not so busy). I love that the cost is low and the food portions are just the right size to carry you from Canada to Mexico.

NEXT BLOG: Test Track Redux

Brother Dillo

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