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I Can Show You The World



Right now Brother Dillo is on his way to a European cruise. He will be seeing parts of Italy, Greece, France. But so what? I’ve seen the world too. That world being World Showcase.

Yes, that’s right. Anytime anyone has asked if I have been to any other countries I always say yes. I’ve been to France, Italy, Germany, Japan, China – I’ve seen it all. As I get towards the end I add in “, Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.” But hey-it’s my little taste of the world. Speaking of tastes-I see even more countries during the Food and Wine Festival! After a 2 hour plane ride,  I can visit many new countries and dine like a local.

Do I wish I was actually also going to be on a European cruise this week? Sure. But in the meantime, I’m planning my Food and Wine trip for November.

Sista Dillo

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